Wayfinding for Healthcare,
Best practices for today's facilities

Wayfinding For Health CareA pragmatic book that exclusively covers wayfinding at health care facilities authored by CS&G President and Founder, Randy Cooper. It serves as a guide to stimulate thinking and highlights projects that illustrate how wayfinding projects at existing or planned facilities can be put on track quickly and successfully. It clearly builds the case that proper wayfinding protocols have an immensely positive impact on staff, patient and visitor behaviors and perceptions and ultimately affect patient satisfaction, staff morale and an organization s bottom line.




"This may be strange to hear regarding a book about Healthcare Wayfinding, but it is quite riveting! Why? Because I live this daily. Almost everything you describe in this book is about our facility. Its comforting to know that folks ...have been there. You’ll laugh when you read this book, because you’ll think he is describing your hospital. You’ll cry when you read this book, because he is describing your hospital.”
Benjamin Burton, Facilities Services, Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland, TX

Wayfinding for Health Care shows graphically the importance and functionality of signage and wayfinding in hospitals and on health care campuses. It offers a systematic approach to implementing a consistent wayfinding program that can improve both efficiencies and facility image. Here is a wealth of hard-to-find information in a single, coherent source from one of the most experienced design professionals in health care.
J. David Mullins, AIA, ACHA, Director of Healthcare Consulting and Program Management, Boyken International

Wayfinding for Healthcare is a tremendous resource for anyone striving to achieve a comprehensive wayfinding solution in an increasingly fragmented and disjointed environment. More than just presentations of final products, Randy Cooper steps you through the mindset you need to identify your problems and engage the key people that will own the long-term solution.
Dale Woodin, CHFM, FASHE, Executive Director, American Society for Healthcare Engineering, Chicago

Mr. Cooper has created a framework and approach that a facility or design team can utilize in the design process. Designers will be able to look to these guidelines and examples as not only a baseline approach but as a springboard to propel them to more imaginative and creative solutions.
Christopher Upton, AIA, FAAMA, Director of Healthcare Planning, Kirksey, Houston

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