Digital Wayfinding Systems

In our modern society, our lives are made easier by the use of ever evolving digital technology. We watch television on High Definition LCD/Plasma monitors, information about any subject in the world in available by a few keystrokes on our computers and the Internet, and the majority of the restaurants that we eat at utilize touch-screen technology to insure that we get the correct order and check at the end of the meal. But, when you go to a majority of hospitals, how do we find our way around? We utilize the same signs that have been in place for decades.

At CS&G, we believe in working with you to integrate modern technology into existing hospital wayfinding and signage systems to better guide and inform patients and visitors, and to improving the patient/visitor experience, resulting in higher patient satisfaction scores.

For more information on how to start your journey into digital wayfinding, pleasecontact CS&G so we can develop a customized system that fits the needs of your facility.


Squire Interactive Wayfinding App

Squire Interactive Wayfinding System for Healthcare

Complete wayfinding from home to destination in the hospital, including smart phone apps, web based guidance and on-site kiosks.

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Touch Screen/Static Kiosks

Digital Kiosks for Healthcare Wayfinding

- Integrate digital signage into your wayfinding system to engage, inform and captivate your visitors.
- Easy to update and maintain.
- Dynamic, touch screen kiosks provide animated directions to guide your visitor to their destination.
- Static kiosks presents visitor maps and other promotional information.


Digital Displays for Healthcare Wayfinding

- Cooper Signage and Graphics is the exclusive healthcare distributor for ChyTV by Chyron Inc (the leader in video graphics equipment).
- ChyTV allows you to convert your televisions to information stations, providing valuable information about your facility's upcoming events, service line offerings, important policies and procedures, and other information.
- The ChyTV system utilizes dynamic broadcast quality effects, video and audio files to present your information to a single monitor in a waiting room or through your facility's broadcast network.