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CS&G Process for Healthcare WayfindingYour Preeminent Resource in Design/Build Solutions...

We do not believe that one approach works best for all of our customers, instead we pride ourselves on being able to meet you at your level of need. At CS&G, we listen to you to determine the best approach to find the solution that will provide your facility with a successful solution.

We glean input from a spectrum of sources and resources to establish a solid foundation for each and every project. This includes:

  • Team Input (staff, design team, patients, contractors and consultants)
  • Pragmatic Factors (CS&G knowledge of trends, etc..., industry standards, available technology, funds available)
  • Regulatory Agencies (codes, inspectors, standards, etc...)
  • Built Space (subjective review of the existing campus, review construction plans, visit competitor facilities, review master plans & growth strategies)

CS&G translates the input about your needs into performance criteria and project goals.

Viable Alternatives

We develop preliminary concepts and alternate scenarios that address the project criteria and goals. These are then further developed and refined as the team provides direction. The design evolves into viable solutions that is unique to your facility's needs.

We distill and refine concepts- merging them into a cohesive plan that we document and implement as appropriate. The resulting solution will enhance the user experience from home to every decision point along the way to their final destination and back due to an effective wayfinding plan. Effective wayfinding will:

  • Reinforce branding efforts
  • Reduce visitor stress
  • Create a lasting positive impression
  • Be easy to update
  • Is affordable to implement and update
  • Reduces staff time assisting the lost


To implement the new system, CS&G will...

  • Prepare sign type/control drawings and a sign systems manual with typical layouts
  • Prepare full size "beta" prototypes or mock ups for final review
  • Message schedule and locations for initial phase
  • Train and equip staff in the art of giving directions.

At CS&G, Our goals on every project is to...

Meet you at your level of need
          Develop a master plan approach to your wayfinding issues
                    Provide innovative solutions with proven performance

Are you ready to convert your facility's wayfinding to CareFinding™? Contact CS&G to find out how.